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Thursday, 26 October 2017


I’m instantly drawn to silhouettes that I’ve been told to steer clear of. I love big, boxy, oversized pieces of clothing that swallow my body whole. I’m extremely inspired by people who constantly break fashion moulds and go against the grain. I yearn to wear stripes that make me look wider, or shorter, depending on the direction. I lust over itty bitty crop tops, that I've been told my entire life aren't made for ~fat girls like me~, paired with extremely wide leg trousers. 

People always try to tell me that fashion has its own set of rules but I’ve never been one to play by them. Fashion is better when it is unexpected. Personal style can be uplifted, remodelled and reworked until it is living art. That's something that I truly believe. That concept is what I base my entire blog on and that's what runs through my mind when getting dressed every morning. Although my personal style is definitely more minimalist than maximalist I try to play with minimal designs until I make them my own - that's what I'm comfortable with and that's what makes me happy.

I live to wear anything out of the ordinary. 
I long to make a statement with my clothing. 
I love to give the (metaphorical) finger to those who said I shouldn't or that I can't wear what I like.

TOP/ Torrid (similarJACKET/ Addition Elle (similarCULOTTES/ H&M+ (similar)
BOOTS/ Union Bay (similarHANDBAG/ Rebecca Minkoff
Photos by Laura Kidd

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