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Monday, 24 April 2017


These pictures are from the beginning of March. That was a weird time for me. It was before the weather started getting warmer; winter was still in affect, I was feeling low and it was right before I got an edgy new hair cut (pics to come). 

It was a time where nothing was inspiring me. I was in the habit of just throwing on some kind of floral dress, a pair of leggings, my Doc Martens and running out the door. That's typically my end of winter / not yet spring uniform and I was so sick of it. I'm happy to say that the weather has since changed and so has my outlook. I've been rocking more daring outfits lately and I've been loving it. I can't wait to blog some of the looks that I've been wearing lately!

Here's a little tip if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just don't know (or care about) what to wear: put on a floral (or any patterned) dress. If you wear dresses I highly suggest keeping a few bold patterned ones on hand for when you're unsure of what to wear. They make all the difference. They make it look like you tried when in reality you just picked one thing from your wardrobe and you threw it on. It's a simple tip but it has helped me out season after season. These kinds of dresses always come in handy whenever I'm running late or running on fumes and you can pick them up at any fast fashion or department store. The one that I'm wearing for this look was inexpensive, I think it was about $12 from Giant Tiger, and I don't think that I could have made it through my style rut without it.

DRESS/ Giant Tiger LEGGINGS/ ASOS Curve 
BOOTS/ Dr. Martens HANDBAG/ Alexander Wang

Photos by Chelsea Alyssa

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  1. WOW, Your Lip color is just awesome. And the dress pattern is also fascinating. Leggings suits you a lot. Over all look is awesome and you look beautiful.