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Sunday, 4 September 2016


I live for layering and I'm thrilled that I finally get to (slowly) transition into my autumn wardrobe.

I picked up this light pink double breasted blazer a little while ago and I've been itching to wear it. It's the perfect piece to dress up or down. I decided to go a bit more casual with this look so I paired it with my Alexander McQueen skull scarf, basic black skinny jeans and my trusty Dr. Marten boots.

This look is so me and it gives me an extra boost of confidence. I walk tall when I wear my Dr. Martens and I feel luxurious when I wear my skull scarf. What more could you want in an outfit? I look forward to wearing these pieces a lot in the upcoming months.

BLAZER/ Penningtons TOP/ H&M+ JEANS/ Forever 21+ 
Photos by Sue Waugh


  1. Perfection! I actually swooned the first time I saw this on your instagram.

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