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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I started this blog four years ago. A lot has happened within those four years; my personal style has evolved a tremendous amount and this blog has given me a great deal of opportunities. 

Blogging might not make sense to some people. It doesn't make sense to me some days. A lot of people see blogs as a narcissistic endeavor but truth be told it takes a lot of courage to start one and it takes a ton of effort to go out and take pictures. Most days I can't find the energy to do so, but I try my hardest.

The reason I started this blog was because I was falling out of love with my two main passions. I defined myself as both a writer and a photographer my interest was slipping away. I started this blog as a way to seamlessly (clothing pun #hadto) combine those worlds all while intertwining them with my love of fashion. 

Sometimes I really feel like I'm throwing all of this content into a void. The internet is a huge place and it's easy to get lost. I often feel like I'm a huge inconvenience to friends and family when I ask them to take my pictures or even to read my posts. It can be frustrating and difficult at times, but I keep going. A lot of people ask me why I do it and truth be told, I started it for myself but it has become a lot more than that.

The highlight of my week/day/month/year is when people come to me (either online or in person) and tell me that they read my blog. I've been thanked by people and I've been told that I've inspired people to wear pieces that they'd otherwise be afraid of. This brings me a lot of joy. Not because I need validation from others (although that is always nice) but because I'm been that person before. Honestly, I still am that person a great deal of the time.

Representation is so important - I really can't stress that enough. Plus size fashion blogs have helped me in a way that I can't even begin to explain and I'm so happy that they exist. It's amazing seeing people you look up to, who look similar to you, doing things that you want to do. There's nothing in the world quite like that feeling and if I can help even one person think "I can do it, I deserve to be seen and heard" then this is all worthwhile.

TOP/ Forever 21+ BLAZER/ Junarose PANTS/ Penningtons
SHOES/ Birkenstocks LIPSTICK/ Fuchsia by Joe Fresh (liquid)
Photos by Sue Waugh (shout out to the pink fluff on my shoulder)


  1. Amen, sister! I hear ya on every point, but ESPECIALLY "I often feel like I'm a huge inconvenience to friends and family when I ask them to take my pictures or even to read my posts." Ask People to Read Posts??? Gasp, I can't even do that! But I *am* always begging friends and co-workers to take pictures...and I hate having to do that :-( I wish I could find another blogger close to me so we could take turns photographing each other. But when I have to ask for "favor shoots" I rush through them to relieve the person of photographer duty as quickly as possible and god forbid you want to do a "one blouse worn three ways" shoot with changes of clothing! Yes, that part is Very Frustrating. I really admire the bloggers that I know do their own pictures with a tripod and wireless shutter...I have not mastered that, not even close...I don't know how they get the focus right!!! Plus, I have a crappy lightweight tripod and I'm always afraid it's going to fall over and smash my lens on the ground. Oh, whine whine whine, ha. But when I saw your words I was like YES! YES! She gets it!!!

    But I keep pressing on and have also had the reward of feeling that I'm helping people with some little tip I've shared. So just keep on keeping on!


  2. I adore your style and perspective. Thank goodness you are still writing here!

    PS: you're really good at directing your photographers. Your photography is always great.