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Sunday, 7 August 2016


It was love at first sight when I spotted this daisy patterned dress at my local H&M. I love how soft and flowy the fabric is and it even has pockets. It has the perfect amount of print for me and I feel as though I can comfortably dress it up or down. I'm now finding it impossible to imagine my life without this dress.

I paired the little daisy dress with my usual (summertime) uniform of a denim vest and outrageous bag charm. I love layering, even when it's one million degrees outside, and a denim vest is the best way to do so when it's just too hot for anything else. This outfit is perfect to just throw on and run out the door while still looking put together.

This outfit is a bit of a nod to the nineties as well. I was born in '91 so I wasn't really able to appreciate the unique fashion at the time, but now that I'm older I really recognize the beauty of it all. The flatform trend from the nineties was my all time favourite; the Spice Girls' iconic Buffalo boots were always high on my wishlist but my balance isn't suited for something quite that high. I have to stick to more modest options like my double soled TEVA sandals instead. I'm not mad about that, though. These sandals are probably the most comfortable footwear option in my wardrobe right now.

Photos by Sue Waugh

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  1. I adore this dress. We could be style twins because i belive there's nothing a bit of denim can't spruce up. May this be the year i go over to the denim vest side!