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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I'm writing out this post on a balcony in central Florida. 

Laura, Lisa and I have been planning this getaway for what seems like forever now and I'm thrilled that we finally made it. We're here for two weeks and I'm sorry if you follow any of us on social media because we're going to be extremely annoying. There was a point where it really seemed like this trip wasn't going to happen, but we're here. I still can't believe that we're here. 

We want to make every second count.

My mobility is nowhere near 100% - I had an accident where I severely sprained both of my ankles about two weeks ago - but my worries are floating away. I'm unable to do a lot of the activities that I had originally planned on doing, and that does break my heart a little, but being constantly surrounded by palm trees helps to lift my spirits.

My summer wardrobe is out in full force here. I've been rocking crop tops, cropped pants, dresses and even a bikini. I'm infamous for staying indoors all. the. time. but I've been loving spending time in the pool and hot tub. I'm even sporting a bit of a sun tan! 

I'm excited to see what the rest of our trip has in store for us. I'll keep you all posted over on my social media (I'm pretty much @rosiexwaugh everywhere) and be sure to keep your eyes out for some more vacation outfits over here on the blog!! #shamelesselfpromotion

TOP/ Forever 21+ PANTS/ H&M+ HANDBAG/ Milly
 Photos by Laura Kidd

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