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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Confession: I often prefer vintage inspired pieces to actual pieces from that era. The quality is definitely not the same, but I find that a lot of inspired pieces fit my shape better. It's extremely hard to find clothes that fit my body the way that I want in the modern day but it's next to impossible to find the shapes that I want in true vintage fashion. I'm also very turned off by the super heavy polyester that was used a lot in the '60s and '70s; I much prefer my fabrics to be breathable, light and airy.

With that being said, it can also be exceptionally hard to find trend pieces at plus size shops. Places like ASOS are great for it, but their sizing can be hard to navigate and I'm always afraid that I'll be over it by the time the item arrives. I've been loving the '70s vibes that a lot of different designers and high street stores have been throwing off but I've been having difficulty finding similar pieces in over a size 14. In Canada, at least.

I went to visit my parents in Florida just under a month ago and my mother and I went shopping a handful of times. The Canadian dollar is horrible compared to the American one right now, so I knew that I had to shop smart. We mostly went to places like TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Ross. I wasn't expecting to find too much on this trip, but I did luck out on a great few pieces. I wholeheartedly believe that the dress pictured below was one of my best finds from my recent rendezvous in Florida.

I'm absolutely loving the vintage feel of it. I could die for the bell sleeves and detailed neckline. The colour, while it's not everyone's cup of tea, is something that I wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe for quite some time now. I absolutely love this dress. It's a pretty big leap outside of my comfort zone, but I embrace the chance of pace. I'm ecstatic that I finally found a piece in my size that plays into the whole '70s revival that's happening right now. I picked it up at Ross for around $16 USD.

Although I love the dress, this was the first time that I wore it out. It wrinkles really easily (as seen on my arm in the first picture) and it is a bit too low cut for what I'm typically comfortable with. I'm hoping to get over those fears so that I can wear it a lot this summer. I can totally picture wearing it to a music festival or picnic.

DRESS/ True Destiny NECKLACE/ H&M SOCKS/ New Look
SHOES/ H&M BAG/ Longchamp

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