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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


This past year was a whirlwind of adventure. I had a lot of firsts and hopefully a few lasts. I laughed a lot, explored different places and met a ton of new and interesting people along the way. I learned a lot this year; about me, mostly, but also about the world around me. I'm definitely going into the new year with a different perspective. I'm thankful for all of the opportunities that were thrown my way within these past couple of months and I definitely wouldn't have come this far without the help of the amazing people in my life.

Here are a handful of personal highlights from 2015:
1/ Roadtripping to Alberta and seeing the Rockies
2/ Attending different concerts and music festivals (Drake, Kanye, Riotfest, ect)
3/ Getting a matching tattoo with my oldest brother
4/ Meeting new friends
5/ Spending time with old friends
6/ Eating. All. The. Food.
7/ Trips to Montreal, Toronto and Sandbanks
8/ Going to Orlando, Florida (Disney World and Universal Studios)
9/ Being on live TV with my best friend, Laura
10/ Visiting different museums around the city (Diefenbunker, War Museum, Museum of Nature, National Gallery)

The lowest moment for me was definitely when I was suffering from a concussion that I gained from a music festival. It wasn't something that I wanted to talk about, but it's worth mentioning. Although that month or so was plagued with insecurity, debilitating headaches, anxiety and depression - it really brought to light the kindness and patience of the people in my life. It was an extremely hard time in my life, and I'm beyond thankful for everyone who helped me through it. It still amazes me how caring and kind a lot of my family and friends were and it means the world to me that they could stand by me and help me during such a difficult time. I was terrified that the injury would scare me away from attending future concerts or music festivals (concerts are my favourite thing in the world, but I'm sure you already knew that) but I'm slowly breaking through that fear - I even have tickets to see three different concerts in Montreal in the new year.

Overall 2015 was really good to me. It's wild to think that we're going into the year 2016, but I can't wait to see what it has in store.

@ lake louise, alberta (rocky mountains)
sandbanks beach | my brothers/my tattoo | the rocky mountains
drake in montreal | riot fest in toronto | shania twain w laura
national gallery of canada | magic kingdom at disney world | wizarding world of harry potter
me and: zach | aurelia | lisa & laura | laura, jessie & michael | laura (our live tv appearance)
cappuccino at equator coffee | homemade fajitas w lisa | bazille @ nordstrom rideau

Top picture by Derek Waugh / all other pictures were taken from my Instagram - @rosiexwaugh

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