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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


It was hotter than hell on the day these pictures were taken. I decided to go for a lightweight white cotton top paired with distressed skinny jeans; this is a look that truly makes my life a lot easier. I decided to go a bit more bold with the accessories to make up for how basic the rest of my outfit felt.

Looking back on this post and seeing a picture of me actually smiling (while holding a smiley face balloon) has me thinking about my own happiness. Throughout my life I've been known to be rather negative and at times even bitter. Lately I've been attempting to turn my thinking around and I'm trying my absolute best to find positive sides to the situations I find myself in. Reminding myself of the ~little~ things that make me smile is a great way to remain positive and it really helps me see the beauty in the world. I'm going to share a list with you below that mentions a handful of things that make me happy. There are definitely more things that make me smile that aren't mentioned on the list but here are some of the first things that came to mind:

Thunderstorms, loud music, long drives, bright lipsticks, bold patterns, airy fabrics, fresh flowers, the paws on kitties, kitties in general, old friends, new friends, best friends, friends that feel like family, family that feel like friends, deep conversations, killer handbags, ready to wear fashion, couture gowns, combat boots, finding an unbeatable sale, hearing about people's passions, seeing the fire in their eyes, holding hands, air conditioning, first snowfalls, lived-in jeans, maps, glitter, reruns of old TV shows, hot coffee, iced tea, homemade cookies, heartfelt letters, popping bubble wrap, waking up to text messages, good hair days, laughing until I cry, Alexisonfire, colourful sunsets, red nail polish, peeling the plastic off of new CDs, waking up from a well deserved nap, Harry Potter, brand new tattoos, cringe-worthy puns, jelly filled donuts, anything covered in sprinkles, compliments from strangers, memorable outfits, movie popcorn, gummy candy, forehead kisses, beaten up Chuck Taylors, the smell of fresh laundry, the warmth from a candle, birthday wishes, wild dancing, live music, witty comebacks, facial hair, anything grape flavoured, long weekends, sleeping in, cozy scarves, binge watching, The Simpsons, star filled skies and McDonald's french fries. 

TOP/ Penningtons JEANS/ Forever 21+ (diy distressed)
SHOES/ Converse HANDBAG/ Milly
Photos by Laura Kidd

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