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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Hi my name is Rosie and for my next trick I'm going to be committing one of fashion's biggest faux pas! Here I am, in all my glory, wearing leggings as pants!! *gasp*

I'm not sure if it really counts as a faux pas seeing as my blouse is long enough to cover my bum but either way I don't really care. Rules, in my opinion, are made to be broken. It's definitely not the most risque look I've gone for but I still felt a bit self-conscious throughout the day.

My main goal for this look (that I admittedly threw together in about 1.5 minutes) was comfort. I had an extremely long day that day and this look had to take me from work in the morning to out to a board game lounge at night, and everywhere in between. I think it did a great job at that and I really owe it all to my crisp white blouse.

Although I threw the outfit together in less than two minutes, despite the fact that I'm wearing leggings as pants and forget about the Nike trainers - I looked chic and I felt confident (for the most part) and I owe that all to the white blouse and blazer combo. I'm a sucker for classics and I think that those are two very versatile pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe. A blazer and a white blouse can literally spruce up any look, even one that is pantless and paired with trainers.

BLAZER/ Lord & Taylor TOP/ H&M+ LEGGINGS/ ASOS Curve 
SHOES/ Nike HANDBAG/ 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli
SCARF/ via Consignment 
Photos by Laura Kidd