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Saturday, 2 May 2015

ONE HUNDRED & ELEVEN/ longchamp love letter

Here's another post about me being a hypocrite! How fun for you!

There's a well-known trend in my life where I despise something immensely and end up becoming its biggest fan. This has happened with countless TV shows (Scrubs, The OC, Community) and even with Harry Potter (I'm sorry). The bags I'm about to share with you were high on my hatred list. They were revolting to me in a way that I had never experienced before. I used to think that they would just scream tacky but now I have completely turned around on them.


I still believe that they aren't the most stylish handbags but at this point I don't think I could live without them. I'm of course talking about the infamous 'Le Pliage' bags from Longchamp. If you're not familiar with the style or brand you must be living in a box somewhere because they're just about everywhere. They've been having a moment now for the past several years and I can't go anywhere without seeing at least a handful of women sporting one.

The most common version of the Le Pliage, at least what I've seen, are of the nylon variety. They also come in 100% leather but that of course comes with a heftier price tag. The nylon that Longchamp uses is so durable and it is fantastic for those who have busy lifestyles. As someone who relies heavily on public transit, I adore that it can fit everything that I need for the day (plus so much more) and it has a little pocket on the inside that is the perfect size for my bus pass.

I am partial to the short top handles but the ones with a longer shoulder strap seem to be the more popular option. I have lived out of the larger model of this bag for the past winter because it was lightweight, waterproof, easy to wear and you can just wipe it down if you were to get anything on it. I use the smaller guy as a lunch bag; it is so easy to fill it up with items in the morning and when everything is gone by the evening you can just fold it up and throw it into any handbag that you're wearing.

Although I don't typically dabble in reviews, I decided that it was high time for me to make a post like this. I have known so many people who own and love these bags - my dear friend, Aurelia, even made a post of her own about them - but I didn't believe the hype until I owned one for myself. If you buy them from the website, a boutique or a department store they can be pretty pricey. If you're like myself and love to score a deal, there are at TON of secondhand versions floating around out there. Places like eBay and local consignment shops are a great resource. Winners and Marshall's also seem to have a good selection of Le Pliage styles and colours for great prices every time I'm there.

* This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The orange one that I own is a size small. It is older and has a line under the embossed logo.
The black one that I own is the medium size handbag. It is a newer model which does not come with a line under the embossed logo at the front.

Both models can be folded up and secured by a clasp, they both feature the same small pocket on the inside and brown leather straps and detailing.


  1. Amen to The Pliage... also when did you get the orange one!!?
    I do wish I bought that banana looking one haha

    1. Last week! Yes, the banana one was fantastic. I'm wishing I bought that cream coloured one from Bayshore tbh :(