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Thursday, 30 April 2015

ONE HUNDRED & TEN/ better late than never

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Ottawa and it seems as though spring is here to stay. I wore this casual outfit to work and then to hangout with a couple of my friends. We spent the afternoon grabbing macarons, coffee and hitting up the mall.

This look is definitely a huge leap outside of my comfort zone. If you're familiar with my blog (or with me in real life #PoorYou) you're used to seeing me in head to toe black but when I saw this stunning white top on a random rack at Macy's I fell in love. The fit is so flawless and it is so unlike anything else I own, I just had to buy it. I know I say this about every new piece that I buy but it is sincerely my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment.

White clothing has always scared me. I love* coffee but it seems to have a magnetic attraction to my clothes. Also throw in the fact that I am a complete klutz and it is a recipe for disaster. That, my friends, is why I stick to a strict uniform of dark colours only. I'm proud to say that I have worn this top a total of TWO TIMES now and I haven't spilled a drop on it. I feel as though I deserve an award for that. Am I finally becoming an adult?! I do realize that it is just a matter of time for when the spill finally happens but I'm embracing this change of pace for the time being.

Also can I just mention how perfectly my bag matches the 'N' on my shoes? I made sure to point that out to just about everyone I spoke to yesterday. It's one of the reasons I bought these shoes to begin with. It is such a unique neon coral so when I saw the shoes at DSW and my initial thought was my beloved Kate Spade bag. Don't you love when things like that just come together perfectly?

TOP/ Alfani Woman JEANS/ Jessica Simpson SHOES/ New Balance 

Pictures by Aurelia Cerquozzi and Liza Peralta

* Is there a more powerful word than love? Because I feel like saying that I "love" coffee is the understatement of the year. I live for coffee. I need it to survive. It courses through my veins. The way to my heart is truly through a piping hot Americano.

PS: How cute are Aurelia and I!? We finally have a picture together!!! Special thanks to Liza for making that happen.

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