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Monday, 2 March 2015


When this coat first came into my possession I vowed never to take it off. I wore it day after day, and then the seasons changed. The temperatures plummeted and it became too cold to wear my favourite coat. It was eventually tossed into the back of a closet and pushed to the back of my mind. I would have forgot that I owned it completely if I hadn't stumbled across an old picture of me wearing it.

It is still a bit too cold for me to justify bringing this coat back into heavy rotation but it was pretty nice out today so I thought "the hell with it!" and I just went for it. Yes, I was shivering but I looked fabulous while doing so.

I paired the faux fur trim jacket with all black everything else and my Balenciaga Part-Time handbag for a preppy, timeless, Blair Waldorf-esque vibe.

COAT/ Jones New York LEGGINGS/ American Apparel
SHOES/ Dr. Martens HANDBAG/ Balenciaga


  1. You look so luxurious and lush here. I can't stand it.

    1. That's the best compliment, thank you so much!