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Friday, 20 March 2015

ONE HUNDRED & EIGHT/ crossing over to coach

I never, in a million years, thought that I would have to sit down and write this post. Coach is a fairly controversial brand in many fashion circles and everybody that I meet seems to have a strong opinion on it in one way or another. I will admit to being one of those people who used to detest it. The streets of my hometown, Ottawa, is littered with their monogram bags; it is simply impossible to escape them.

The amount of hatred that I once harbored toward Coach was wee bit obnoxious and I now see the error in my ways. When the brand first started out in the 1940's they made the most beautiful leather pieces and I still long for a great beaten in leather vintage piece from the handbag giant. My admiration for the brand started to drop off when their monogram bags started to become their main attraction. Their monogram pieces attract a lot of people but they are definitely not my desired taste.

Coach has been SHOCKING me recently. I've discussed this with a handful of people and no one really knows what to say about this topic. What we used to view as a relatively boring and lifeless brand has done a complete 180 and I believe that can all be attributed to their new(ish) creative director, Stuart Vevers. He really took a struggling fashion house and rebranded it to something great. I admit that it is a bit edgier and younger than their previous lookbooks, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I. am. smitten.

Am I a hypocrite for falling for a brand that I once hated? Probably, but I like to think that it means that I just have an open mind. Was I way out of line for not giving them a chance for so many years? Maybe, but I'm really super excited with what they're doing lately. I can't wait to see their upcoming seasons and I'm eager to see how the brand is going to progress from here. Are there any brands that you can't seem to connect with in any way? I'd love to know what you all think.

Here are some pieces from their Spring 2015 collection that I could totally see myself wearing and that are currently on my lust list:

All thoughts are 100% my own. This post is not sponsored in any way, shape or form.


  1. so many likes, I hate this feeling but I can't help it. Coach is finally looking fantastic and I want it all!!!

    1. We're huge hypocrites but at least we can admit it! I want these items to come to Ottawa or Montreal so we can see them in person!!!