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Friday, 16 January 2015

NINETY-NINE/ farewell to target canada

If you live in Canada, I'm sure you've already heard the news. If you haven't, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this. Please don't shoot the messenger.

Yesterday and today have been rough for me and I'm still coming to terms with the news. I feel as though someone is playing a sick joke on me. I try to hide from it, but it is plastered just about everywhere. Less than two years after Target opened up shop in Canada, they announced that they are making a departure and that they are going to close all of their 133 stores in the Great White North, leaving about 17,600 Canadians out of work.

I'd like to say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. Out of the people I talk to frequently only myself and a handful of other people can say with confidence that they actually like store. The others I've spoke to about it have all had the same complaint - the stores were always out of stock. And they're right. Every time I went shopping there, there were always a couple of things on my shopping list that were sold out. It is frustrating having to make two or three other stops when my initial one was a big boxed store that prides itself on being a one stop shop kind of place.

As someone who frequents the United States, I can confirm that shopping at Target in Canada and shopping their in the US is a totally different experience. The shelves, as well as the aisles, in Canada are bare. The stores in the US always have a ton of stock and a ton of devoted shoppers. The US Targets are also known to stock a lot of specialty items that you really can't find anywhere else, that is a huge part of the Target experience that they left out in Canada.

The main reason that I continued to go back to Target was that it had something that its competitors were missing; they had low prices but still managed to make their home goods and clothing look, and feel, expensive. I know that may sound ridiculous to a lot of you but when you're living on a small budget and lust after finer things in life, Target was a great compromise. Instead of buying ill-fitting poly-blend pieces from other big box stores, you could get pieces from real designer collaborations for roughly the same price. I've even found some pretty great pieces in their dollar section.

Overall, I am very upset about losing one of my favourite stores. This past year and a half has just been a tease and I'll probably always wonder what could have been. Chains coming to Canada and making an early exit is nothing new, but it's unfair - to the consumers and especially to the thousands of Canadians who are now going to be out of work.

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