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Sunday, 21 December 2014

NINETY-EIGHT/ birthday recap

I'M OFFICIALLY TWENTY-THREE! I’ve always been a huge fan of birthdays and this years has been truly remarkable. I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. It’s unreal how much I've been spoiled this year, I really feel so lucky and fortunate for everyone, and everything, in my life at this moment.

My goal for this year is to try my absolute best to make it the most amazing and memorable year of my life to date

My birthday is technically the 16th of December so it was a few days ago but I've been spending the past week either celebrating, working or Christmas shopping so I haven't really had a chance to hammer out this post. My birthday was celebrated from Friday the 12th up until my actual date of birth and I truly had a blast. From going out dancing with my friends, eating the best ice cream cake ever, to spending time with my loved ones and receiving the most thoughtful cards and gifts, to going to Montreal for a day and getting a new tattoo - this year's birthday was definitely one for the books. 
before we went out | my AMAZING blink themed ice cream cake | a very thoughtful gift from my best friend, Lisa
my birthday present to myself | lunch in montreal | aurelia's tattoo
the new love of my life | birthday brunch ft my new fav mug and suzyq doughnuts | j'adore


  1. Yay! 23 gang. I turned 23 in January and as much as I cannot believe it (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???) it's an all right. Phase. I'm not much of a birthday person myself so they go down quietly. That tattoo is schweet! I hope 23 is good to you.

    1. WOO! Happy belated birthday, let's make a pact to make 23 the best year ever. And thanks for the compliment about my tattoo, I fall further in love with it every time I see it!