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Monday, 10 November 2014

NINETY-SIX/ winter wear

The temperature in Ottawa is finally dipping below zero and I'm one of the weird ones who actually enjoys it. I'll probably regret saying that when January/February rolls around but for now I'm loving the cold. 

This coat is virtually ancient and I've actually replaced it with a newer model *wipes away tear*. We've had some good times together and it's help me battle through the coldest of winter days but it has rips in the lining and I'm not sure if it will last the entire season. The new coat I bought is virtually the same, just with minor differences. I'm sure I'll introduce it on the blog sooner or later. For now this jacket is reserved for warmer winter days and whenever I feel like taking a trip down memory lane.

I can't get enough of my Nike Roshe Runs. I know I'm going to have to trade these in for a pair of winter boots once the snow comes but I'll wear them every second I can until then.

SUNGLASSES/ Aldo SCARF/ Burberry COAT/ Addition Elle
JEANS/ Forever 21+ BAG/ Zara SHOES/ Nike 
Bag and scarf were purchased via consignment
Photos by Suzanne Waugh

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