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Friday, 14 November 2014

NINETY-SEVEN/ talin design x glebe craft fair

This weekend you'll be able to find me alongside Talin of Talin Design at the Glebe Craft & Artisan Fair. I will be assisting in sales and going on (much needed) coffee runs. Not only do I love attending craft fairs but I love working at them; they're a great place to meet local artisans and it's always so refreshing talking to someone who is truly passionate about what they do. 

Jewelry itself has always been a bit of a grey area for me when it comes to fashion. I pride myself on knowing current fashion trends, what's classic and what is worth buying but jewelry is one area that I could never wrap my head around. As someone who loves fashion and loves learning (aka I'm a huge know-it-all) this has always bothered me. Enter Talin - sitting down with her for just a few short hours has taught me more about jewelry trends, materials and worth than I could ever imagine. Seriously, this girl knows her stuff and she puts her heart and soul into it.

I really want to stress that this is not a sponsored post. Talin did not contact me about being on my blog, I contacted her. I asked if she needed any help at the artisan fair and I would not have done that, and sacrificed my weekend, if I didn't believe in her work. We sat down together earlier this week and we chatted about her business, her different pieces and what inspires her.

What really stood out to me was that she never recreates a piece. Everything she makes is one of a kind and handmade AND she is the sole designer and creator of the line. That is astonishing to me. I would seriously run out of ideas in no time. She incorporates a lot of silver and copper into her works and often uses freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones as standout finishing touches. The best part, though? She works with clients to create custom designs as well.

If you happen to be in Ottawa this weekend stop by the Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair and say hi! If you're wanting to know more about Talin Design please feel free to check out her business Facebook Page HERE. Pictured below are some of my favourite pieces that you'll be able to find at the show this weekend. Hope to see you there!
All photos were taken by me / all thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. Any questions or concerns please leave a comment or email me at

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