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Saturday, 8 November 2014


Last Thursday was spent roaming around town with Aurelia. We had originally planned on making a trip down to Montreal to wait in line overnight on St. Catherine's Street in line for the Alexander Wang x H&M debut but we had a change of heart last minute. We decided to grab some breakfast at Baker Street Cafe, check out the new 'Tanger' outlet mall in Kanata and just run errands all over town.

In all honesty, we didn't have the highest hopes for the outlet mall. If we did, we would have been really disappointed. Although the stores were pretty well stocked, the prices didn't reflect those of typical outlet stores. The prices were virtually the same as mall prices, but we did leave with more than a few goodies nonetheless. My favourite part of the entire shopping trip was stepping foot into Hot Topic. Aurelia and I were laughing the entire time and discussing how our sixteen-year-old scene kid selves would have died for this kind of store so close to home. I almost left with a 'My Chemical Romance' tee but unfortunately they were out of my size. I'll be checking back soon though!

My best finds were a pair of Nike Roshe Runs (found in the kids department, heeey) and a pair of burgundy booties from Shelly's London. My favourite piece that Aurelia picked up were a killer pair of windowpane patterned pants from JCrew that I'm sure will be showcased on her blog sometime in the near future.

Since I knew we would be spending the day shopping and running errands, I dressed for the occasion. I broke out my favourite distressed jeans from Forever 21 that I haven't had the chance to wear in forever and my favourite top and kimono. I pretty much live in this oversized plaid scarf and easy to wear slip ons at the moment. I really love simple, comfortable outfits that I really don't have to put that much thought into.

TOP/ via Goodwill SCARF&KIMONO&JEANS/ Forever 21
HANDBAG/ 3.1 Phillip Lim WATCH/ Michael Kors
SHOES/ via Winners

Photos by Aurelia Cerquozzi and myself


  1. I love your eyebrows, your scarf and your glasses!! Seriously. Beaaaautiful. :) I don't wear scarves much, but I can see why you're practically living in yours.

    xx Pattee

    1. You're so kind! Thank you so much, this comment has me smiling from ear to ear!! x