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Thursday, 23 October 2014

NINETY-FOUR/ top five favourite lipsticks

I am not a ~beauty guru~ by any stretch of the imagination but I know a thing or two about lipstick. It's rare to see me with bare lips (even when you think I'm not wearing something - I'm wearing something) and I've built up quite the collection over the past few years.

The first lipsticks I ever owned were from Avon since my mother dabbled in being a sales lady when I was much younger. Since then my love for the stuff has snowballed into the borderline obsession that it is today. I've tried high end brands, drug store stuff and random "I don't know where this even came from" mystery lipsticks. Here are my top five favourite formula/colours/all around picks:

1) RIMMEL - Lasting Finish Matte - Kate Moss 101 | This colour lives in my handbag. It is the perfect lipstick to just throw on and it is completely no fuss. The formula, although matte, is very hydrating. It is definitely a "your lips but better" shade but with a bit more pink in it. You can find it at any drug store. The only con I would say is it has a really fake watermelon scent to it that I don't really love but you can't really tell once it is on your lips.

2) JOE FRESH - Cream - Baie Sauvage | This is my favourite lipstick of all time. That's a huge claim but the creamy formula appears matte on your lips, it is pretty hydrating and it stays on ALL DAY. I'm a huge sucker for purple lipstick too and this is the perfect shade. It's a lighter purple that can almost look pink if applied with a lighter hand. Canadians can find Joe Fresh makeup at any of their stores or at any Loblaws or Real Canadian Superstore. I'm not sure if the brand can be found internationally.

3) CHANEL - Rouge Allure Velvet - La Raffine | This is my favourite ~designer~ lipstick. Again, it is a "your lips but better" colour and it suits any season, outfit or mood. It also gives the appearance of fuller more plump lips. It is a matte lipstick, like the rest of them, but this is the most hydrating of all the matte lipsticks I've tried and I would say the colour lasts about 6 hours without having to do touch ups. This is definitely the most expensive out of my top five but if you're on a budget the Revlon one I mentioned before is a close dupe (although the Revlon is more pink). Chanel lipsticks can be found at pretty much any department store. I do have other colours from this range but this is by far my favourite.

4) JOE FRESH - Liquid Lipstick - Fuschia | Every time I wear this colour, I get tons of compliments. To me it is the perfect bold and like the other Joe Fresh lipstick I mentioned above - it lasts forever. Seriously, Joe Fresh makes the longest lasting lipsticks I've yet to try. This formula is a bit more drying than the other one that I mentioned but the bold colour makes it worth it. 

5) SEPHORA - Liquid Lipstick - Scarlet | My camera doesn't seem to be picking up the colour properly but this is the most red red lipstick I've ever seen. It is completely matte and it is pretty drying but it's worth it. I don't typically wear it if I'm having a long day or if I can't take it off within four or five hours. I do recommend wearing lip liner with this because it does start to bleed after awhile but the colour is just so fantastic it's worth all of those cons. The colour transfer (when your eating/drinking/whatever) is slim to none. My friend actually picked this up for me for my birthday because I kept complimenting her every time she would wear it herself. It has a vanilla scent to it, which I love, but it's not for everyone. 

*Unfortunately I could not find any links to buy the Joe Fresh lipsticks online.


  1. Ohh the purple joe fresh lippy is beautiful- I love Kate moss lipsticks too they have a great formula

    1. I really need to get my hands on some other colours from the Kate Moss collection - I can't get enough of the one that I have and it's getting dangerously low!