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Sunday, 21 September 2014

EIGHTY-SEVEN/ instagram update (a farewell to summer)

It's unreal to me how quickly this past summer just flew by and I was floored when I looked at the calender this morning and saw that it was already September 21st. Summer 2014 was filled with a bunch of highs and lows for me and of course I documented most of it through my Instagram account. Here's a bit of a recap of what I've been up to these past couple of months:

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Kendall Jenner rocking my ideal look in Teen Vogue | my new room | caught in a downpour 
the morning after #fever | a weekend away | tiptoe through the flowers
the new love of my life | Mont Tremblant w my family | lazy rainy Sunday afternoon
words of wisdom in Westboro Village | tulip festival 2014 | fav new candle
I read a lot of magazines, ok? | The Killers live in MTL | wristbands for Rockfest