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Thursday, 26 June 2014

EIGHTY-THREE/ summer style

I always try to ensure that my online presence is fairly positive (aside from the odd twitter rant... I'm only human!) but this is one issue that I feel I have to touch on. I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the humidity, I hate that I can't layer on clothes and I hate that I sweat to death just from waiting for the bus. Although I live in Canada and many people view it as pretty much an all over arctic tundra, it does get hellishly hot. My personal style and my overall mental well-being plummets between the months of May to mid September and I find myself complaining more and more as the temperature rises. If you're familiar with my blog you know that my sense of style is mostly centred around dark colours, heavy accessories and boots - all things that are definitely not appropriate for the warmer months. The problem is that I still wear those pieces. It will be an extremely hot and sunny day and I'll leave my house in head to toe black with a pair of clunky leather boots and I won't realize until midday just how stupid I've dressed. I really wish I could love the beach and run around the city in cute sundresses, but that's just really not who I am.

I am however, in true fashion, trying to focus on the positives. The number one thing that has made me smile consistently this summer (other than Rockfest - which was a blast!) is my new Balenciaga handbag.  I have posted about my love for Balenciaga bags in the past and I have lusted over this bag for so long. A part of me always thought that it was something I would never possess. I know that it's a bit ridiculous to talk about a handbag in this kind of way but as you can most likely tell, my love for bags runs deep. I could talk forever about how much I love this bag so I think I'll just end my rant here.

For this look I kept it pretty simple by wearing my favourite black American Apparel leggings with just a basic cotton dress and black chiffon kimono style jacket. I added a bit of interest to the look with my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's and brought it all together with my new Balenciaga Part-Time handbag. This is definitely an outfit you can find me wearing about 95% of the time... if you swapped the out the Lita's for something a bit more sensible, like a pair of Converse, that is!

DRESS/ Forever 21+ LEGGINGS/ American Apparel 
HANDBAG/ Balenciaga Part-Time SHOES/ Jeffrey Campbell
Photos by Laura Kidd

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