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Saturday, 22 March 2014

SEVENTY-EIGHT/ serial outfit repeater

Today is March 22nd and winter is still raging on. If we've technically shifted seasons, can somebody please tell me why there was a snow storm when I woke up this morning? I was hoping it was some sort of sick dream, but of course it wasn't. I usually love winter but I've had enough of it this year. It has taken its toll on everything. I called it quits months ago, exclaiming to everyone that I've gone into hibernation. I rarely left my house, other than to go to work, and I've spent the vast majority of my time in bed watching YouTube videos. My inspiration for just about everything, especially clothing, has gone out the window.

I've always been a serial outfit repeater and I'll be the first one to admit that. When I find something that works I'll wear it until it is either falling apart or until it is so underdone I feel physically sick every time I look at it. This outfit below has yet to fall into either category and only time will tell its true fate.

My favourite trend right now is denim with two slits at the knee. I'm not sure what it is about it that draws me in, but I can't get enough. I guess it just gives any look just the right amount of attitude. I softened the look by wearing a floral tank that I got from Forever 21 ages ago and made it season appropriate by adding this amazing Eileen Fisher cardigan over top. I cannot get enough of this cardigan; it fits like a dream and it is undeniably comfortable. Plus, it has (large) pockets!! I've been wearing my trusty H&M handbag every day during this winter because truthfully, it is the only one I own that is large enough to fit my mittens, a toque and whatever else I need to survive these ridiculous winteresque days.

This outfit is so bland and boring, but it is extremely comfortable. It is just what I need until these dark days are over and until spring finally arrives. I hope that my creativity and inspiration return with the warmer weather. Please excuse my sullen look, I was really not impressed with the dump of snow Ottawa received this morning.

TOP/ Forever 21+ CARDIGAN/ Eileen Fisher (via consignment)
JEANS/ Forever 21+ (diy knees) HANDBAG/ H&M WATCH/ Michael Kors
RINGS/ Various BOOTS/ Thrifted (no brand)

Photo Credit: Laura Kidd