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Sunday, 23 March 2014


I'm at a loss for words right now. I can't believe that it has been TWO YEARS since my blog first launched. My life has changed a great deal because of it and I'm so so grateful for all of it. Thank you to all of my readers, new and old, you guys mean the world to me. It's unbelievable to me the amount of positive reactions I've received because of this, and whenever someone stops me on the street to recognize me from this site... that just blows me away. I definitely don't have a large following, but it's crazy to me to think that any one reads this... so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

The reason I started this blog, two years ago, was that a lot of my passions were fading away. It was quite terrifying actually; I felt as though I was losing a lot of my identity. Writing and Photography were my life at one time but as I aged I was finding myself living in a constant state of writer's block and my camera was just collecting dust. I really frightened me and I knew I had to do something about it.

My source of inspiration has always come from fashion. From the people around me, from magazines, from other blogs. I thought it just made sense to start my own blog because it would force me to sit down and write something. It would force me to bring my camera along with me more and more. It would give me a reason to hold on to those passions that I once felt defined me and it all mixed with something that constantly inspired me - fashion.

It has definitely been a slow and steady race. My passions have yet to come back to me in the state that I once left them - and that's okay. It's a progress and I'm learning a lot about myself during it. This blog opened my eyes up to a lot more than just the world of writing and photography. I absolutely love the whole plus-size fa(t)shion world, I've met a ton of interesting people and it has allowed me to visually document my life through the past two years. Although I do have a tendency to neglect this blog, it really does mean the world to me. I hope that all made sense, I'm trying to get this all finished before the clock strikes midnight... 

Anyways, enough of the toughy-feely stuff, here are some outtakes from my past year of posts:


  1. Congratulations on another year. I hope the year ahead will be filled with a lot less ignoring + neglecting the blarg.


    1. Thank you! I will definitely try my best to update more and more consistently!

  2. It's a fantastic blog! You've inspired me to get out of my shell and to be more bold when it comes to fashion. I used to have a bad habit of only ever buying stuff that was safe and comfortable, instead of exciting and beautiful. Your passion for everything fashion-related really comes through in your writing and it's a joy to read. Keep up the awesome work :)

    1. Aww Stacy, this is the sweetest comment. Thank you SO much