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Saturday, 11 January 2014

SEVENTY-TWO/ instagram four

A lot has happened within the past month. I chopped off all my hair, I turned twenty-two, Christmas and New Years came and went and my brother returned home for a week long visit. A lot of boring things happened within this past month too. I went for coffees, I read some books, I got some new lipsticks and I hung out with my best friend (aka my cat). Of course all of these exciting moments - and more! - were documented on my Instagram. (rosiexwaugh - if you wish to follow!)

free birthday drinkz @ starbucks | theonlycheesecakeever by Lisa Kidd | quality time with the bestie
a fraction of my lipstick collection | my first completed page in my Wreck This Journal | my new Chanel lipstick

Lisa decorating her tree | a road (I mean skating rink) in my neighbourhood | Kate Spade mugteqkilla | ~selfies~ | fav new necklace by Talin Design
Lush Bath Bombs > your whole life | AMAZING book highly recommend if you're into YA | sushi w/ my brother before he left


  1. yey for chanel lipsticks and lush bath bombs!!! FANTASTIC! :)

    Animated Confessions

    1. Chanel lipsticks and Lush bath bombs as self care 2k14 <3