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Sunday, 29 December 2013

SEVENTY-ONE/ best of 2013 (albums)

I know what you're thinking, I don't run a ~music~ blog. But like I've said many many times in the past: music is extremely important to me. Many of the albums on this list have received poor reviews and aren't that highly acclaimed. I'm sure a lot of you are going to stare directly at the page and let out a huge sigh or question, out loud, the reasoning behind my choices... so I'll just tell you: these albums mean something to me. They're all pieces of music that I've grown attached to and that I find either speak to me, speak through me or just albums that I've found myself listening to on repeat.

The only one that I wasn't 100% sure about adding to the list was Matangi by M.I.A. but I feel as though I worked it up in my head as a masterpiece before it was dropped and it could never live up to my expectations. It is a fantastic album though, and it has a bunch of songs that I adore. 2013 also marked the year that I finally saw M.I.A. live and that's really reason enough to put her on this list.

Of course I recommend that you check out the pieces that I've posted. Almost all of them are a different genre so look them up before you decide to, they might not be your cup of tea. Shoot me a question in my comment box as well. Do you agree with any of the albums on the list, or do you think I'm out of my mind? What are some of your favourites released in 2013? Did you check out any of the works I posted? What did you think?

1) AM by Arctic Monkeys 2) The Hurry and The Harm by City and Colour 3) Demi by Demi Lovato 4) Ciara by Ciara 5) Magna Carta / Holy Grail by Jay Z 6) Matangi by M.I.A.

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