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Sunday, 27 October 2013

SIXTY-TWO/ insomniac

I'm currently writing this as I'm "sleeping" over at my best friend's house. I put sleeping in quotation marks because they're really doing more of the sleeping, I'm more of a night owl. It can be quite lonely or boring at times but hey, at least I'm doing something productive right now... right?

I've been wearing this jacket pretty much non stop since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I know everyone owns one like it and it is in no way unique, but I really don't care. I absolutely love it. The pleather sleeves look insanely cheap but I think that they give the piece a certain charm. Maybe I'm crazy. I love how the pockets are big enough for me to fit bits and bobs like bus transfers, lipsticks, change and my cell phone. I also love how its not 100% black.

I've been wearing the jacket with my Burberry scarf because it's honestly so cold here and the scarf keeps me so warm. I've been mixing up my bottoms, shoes and handbags to keep the ensemble looking fresh.

Today I decided to pair it with my MICHAEL Michael Kors skinny jeans and beaten up Converse for sort of a casual feel. I just threw on my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag because it had everything I need in it and I was in a bit of a rush to go out and meet my friends.

My friends and I spent the day doing my two favourite things - shopping and eating. We checked out the new H&M that finally opened up in Ottawa (I might do a post on all my findings later) and got lost in the giant mess that is Bayshore Shopping Centre while trying to find our parking lot. We finished the night with a makeshift buffet of different kinds of junk food (pizza, wings and the like) and hot chocolate with mini chocolate chip biscotti.

JACKET/ Last Kiss SCARF/ Burberry London JEANS/ MICHAEL Michael Kors 
SHOES/ Converse BAG/ Marc by Marc Jacobs ACCESSORIES/ Various 
LIPSTICK/ Raspberry by Joe Fresh

* Photo credit: Laura Kidd

* Disclaimer: I decided to name this blog post 'insomniac' because insomnia is something that I truly suffer from. I understand that it is a very real disorder and that if affects many people's lives. I do not wish to glamourize it it any way and I'm sorry if the title comes across as that in any way. Insomnia is a horrible condition and I really wouldn't wish it upon even my worst enemy. If you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or if you know me in real life, you'd know that I've suffered from this for years. I despise every second of it. It truly is torture but I felt as though the title reflected what I'm going through and gave a bit of insight as to why I'm the only person under this roof that is awake and the reason why I'm updating my blog at 1:40 in the morning as opposed to you know... a healthy time.


  1. love these kinds of jackets!! I own one myself haha:) I like that you combined it with that shade of blue bag!! love it!! Also, I got insomnia lately too and it sucks but lets be strong <3

    1. AH insomnia is the worst! I hope you get over it quickly.