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Thursday, 26 September 2013


I'm usually not the biggest fan of vintage, but there's no denying that the quality of modern pieces isn't the same. If you were to buy a beaded or sequined piece from a fast fashion store now, chances are that half of the glitz would become detached by the end of the day. I know I've blogged about this piece before, but I wanted to show some great close up shots of it.

The sequins are all stitched together so tightly and the bead-work is absolutely flawless. This jacket weighs a tonne but it is so eye catching I couldn't turn myself away from it. The best part of the piece, in my opinion, is that it was only $12.99 from Value Village; something this quality would be an absolute fortune new. I don't find myself wearing it a lot, because it is heavy and so outlandish, but I adore it. My eyes light up every time I open up my closet doors and see it there.

* Outfit photo by Michael Tundo | Close up photo by me

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  1. That is so nice! I love thrifted items you are right the quality just isn't the same anymore!