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Thursday, 12 September 2013


Welcome to this new segment on my blog! I'm going to be calling it Thrifted Thursdays and every Thursday I'm going to be discussing one of my amazing secondhand finds. These finds can be from traditional thrift shops, garage sales, consignment shops or eBay and they can range from handcrafted, to vintage, to designer pieces. I will also discuss different tricks and techniques when buying secondhand.

The name of my blog is Secondhand Rose and seeing as I work at a consignment shop, I'm around used clothing almost daily. Although you do see some of my used clothing finds in my outfit posts, I feel like I've neglected that whole section on my wardrobe here on my blog.

I also believe that there is still a lot of negativity, and almost like a stigma, associated with buying secondhand clothing and I'm here to disprove as many of those myths as possible. Let's get started, shall we?


I decided to start off the segment with one of my latest and most favourite designer finds. I picked this up at Rikochet Resale, a consignment shop here in Ottawa, and I am head over heels in love with this piece. It is an authentic classic Burberry lambswool scarf and it is a piece I've been lusting after for pretty much my entire life. The trick with buying designer items secondhand is to find a credible shop. There are tons of counterfeit pieces out there and it is sometimes tricky to determine the legitimacy of an item by yourself. I'm wary of items found in thrift shops like Value Village or Goodwill that claim to be designer, and there's no way I'm going to shell out money for designer goods off of eBay. I like to feel the item and see it for myself, or in the case of this consignment shop, know that it was check thoroughly by a trained professional.

Although I have been lusting after this scarf for what seems like forever now, I always knew that it was out of my price range. The scarf I bought is an older style, but scarves at Burberry are traditionally price upwards of $300 (depending on style, materials used, size, ect), and I picked this one up for only $100. The price I paid may still seem steep for a lot of you but you have to understand that this is a classic, traditional piece and it is coming from a company that hardly, if ever, has sales. I also have a sort of passion for designer scarves and I knew that adding this to my (small) collection was a must. I'm beyond happy with this purchase.

* Photo was taken by myself.

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