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Sunday, 22 September 2013

FIFTY-SIX/ OFW S/S'14 day two

I had a lot more fun on the second day of Ottawa Fashion Week. The setting seemed a lot more relaxed and way more casual than it did the first night; my guess is that everyone was a little on edge the first night and they were unsure of what to expect, but who knows the actual reasoning behind it. Laura and I, along with her friend Aurélia and a local photographer Gabrielle, showed up (fashionably) late and only caught the last few shows. But oh. my. god. they were fantastic.

My favourite of the the night was Beaucoup Fashion House. I've never seen or heard of them before but they're definitely on my radar now. I highly suggest that you check them out. They showcased a lot of shiny black, greys, purples and soft grunge pieces. My favourite looks were a tunic length sleeveless white blouse with a contrasting collar as well as a plaid dress paired with metallic black/gold moto jacket. All of the pieces were definitely on trend and most importantly, wearable.

My other favourite show of the night was Y!D.N.A. by Andy Nguyen. Y!D.N.A. is always a crowd favourite and it's easy to see why. Drastic silhouettes, monochromatic colour palettes and surprising twist are always to be expected during Andy's shows. This season he kept the audience of the edge of their seats by laying out a cover on top of the runway. The cover appeared black from where I was seated, but it turns out it was a shiny silvery tone. The models were all decked out in black ensembles, except for one lucky model wearing a head to toe silver short suit. All of the models were wearing tiny crowns upon their head. The showing was short but sweet and ended with confetti. I can't wait to see what this label has in store for us next season.

As for my own outfit, I decided to look a little bit crazy. I was so bored with my outfit from the previous night I decided to wear my eye-catching chartreuse duster from H&M paired with my Beetlejuice-esque skinny jeans from Forever 21. Laura encouraged me to wear black lipstick to polish off the look, and I'm so happy I took her advice. I feel the lipstick added much needed drama to the look. I paired this look off with my trusty black worn-out Dr. Marten boots because they're something of a safety blanket for me - I feel like I can do anything, or pull off any look, just as long as I'm wearing my docs.

DUSTER/ H&M TOP/ New Look JEANS/ Forever 21+ 

pretending to be a model on Y!D.N.A.'s insanely cool runway
not sure why I'm not smiling || Laura and me with her empty glass of wine trying to be classy
selfies of Laura and me || between shows boredrom || Beaucoup Fashion House showing
an amazing violinist showcasing his talent in the Mirari Studio
Favourites from Beaucoup Fashion House

* Outfit photos were all taken by Gabrielle McKay || Edits, Mirari Studio photo and runway photos were done by me.

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