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Sunday, 29 September 2013

FIFTY-EIGHT/ if i had a million dollars

It's no secret that I obsess over designer items, it's honestly like an addiction to me. I scroll through countless online shops and browse through tons of brick and mortar stores looking at amazing pieces that I'll never be able to afford - I don't know why I torture myself. Some people like to go to museums and look at the unbelievable art there, I prefer high end stores. I'm weird like that.

So far I've acquired some of my dream pieces, but the problem with fashion is that styles change every season. I've just been sticking with secondhand classic pieces that won't ever go out of style; it's more practical and wallet friendly. But of course every few months something new comes out that totally sweeps me off my feet and makes me look at my bank account and cringe. I keep telling myself that someday it'll happen, and I hope that someday comes soon. Sometimes I feel as though I'm far too materialistic for my own good...

ANYWAY, here are some pieces that I'm currently dying over from current collections, classic collections and past collections. They are mostly footwear, scarves or handbags seeing as the vast majority of designers do not make clothing in my size, not to mention the fact that I crave accessories.

Some of these items are obtainable, like the Michael Kors watch and the Kate Spade bangle, and some of them will probably torment me for the rest of my life, like the Chanel bag.

* I could have easily made this into a post about the designer handbags I want, but I decided to hold off on that. Another post for another day, possibly. I only added the three handbags I've been lusting after for what seems like forever. | All thoughts are my own, this post is no way sponsored by any of the mentioned retailers. | All images are referenced back to their original sources.

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