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Monday, 30 September 2013

FIFTY-NINE/ instagram three

My iPhone 4 kicked the bucket a month and a half ago. I was devastated, like any reasonable person would be. After an awful few weeks, I decided to bite the bullet and just get a new phone. Anyone who has been in this situation before (likely all of you) knows how difficult that can be - ESPECIALLY when you have time left on your contract. I decided to end my relationship with Rogers and make the switch to Fido (same company essentially, I know) and I haven't looked back since. I currently own a shiny new black iPhone 5 and I admit I hated it at first. There's no weight to it so when I put it in my pocket I'm constantly checking to see if it has fallen out, the battery life is awful... but those are all things I've gotten used to. I'm so in love with it now, I couldn't imagine life without it.

Of course I was deprived of texting those few weeks I went without a phone, but honestly I probably missed Instagram the most. That sounds so messed up, but it's true. The camera on my new phone, as well as the screen, is about a million times better than my old one so I'm sitting on cloud nine over here.

Here's a bit of an Instagram update of my not so hectic life as of lately.


my cat's paws | an outfit photo taken with my iPhone 4 shortly before it died | my new iPhone
finally cleaned my desk | self care in the form of tea, dark chocolate and Harper's Bazaar | obsessed w/ this picture of Michael / his new(est) coat
my new found mini biscotti / espresso addiction | my favourite new bracelet | pumpkin chai latte from Simply Biscotti
Bridgehead coffee and mixed greens & quinoa cake salad aka my favourite lunch | Ottawa Pride Parade | ~selfies~
salmon sashimi | Ciara's new CD | my newest clutch


  1. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!


    1. Aww thank you. This comment totally just made my day!