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Thursday, 19 September 2013

FIFTY-FIVE/ OFW S/S'13 day one

Oh September, how I love you. From the chilly air to the falling leaves to fashion weeks all over the world. Who doesn't love Autumn? This past weekend was Ottawa Fashion Week (OFW) and that's when all of the fashion lovers in Ottawa and Gatineau come out of hiding (so it seems) and try to out style one another (or so it seems). All jokes aside, it actually is a great weekend and it's great to see a lot of people in from my city out and about and expressing their love for different fashions. I was fortunate enough to receive a media pass from the organizers at OFW and I'm beyond thankful for that. I of course went with Laura and we were up to our usual shenanigans. I'm still on a fashion high from all of the great looks that weekend, on and off the runway.

I didn't really figure out the proper camera settings for the runway shows until the very last day, of course, and my posts will totally reflect this. But for the first night of Ottawa Fashion Week my favourite show, by far, was Brit Wacher. I'm still obsessed with monochromatic looks and I'm a complete sucker for drastic and structured pieces and every piece of that collection materialized those looks.

I never know what to wear to these occasions. I either dress too causal, too dressy, too outrageous or too boring. I think my first outfit would fall under the "too boring" category, but I was comfortable and felt at ease. That's all that matters, right? I wore my favourite jacket by Calvin Klein paired with a black and white stripe dress from the good old Old Navy sale rack. You can't see my shiny leggings or black creepers, so you might have to use your imagination on that one, but believe me they're there. In all honesty I didn't plan this outfit out at all and I didn't even have time to change my purse so I just grabbed my everyday Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and prayed it worked. I swear my outfit for the next couple of days was better planned than this.

DRESS/ Old Navy JACKET/ Calvin Klein PURSE/ Marc by Marc Jacobs (via consignment)
LEGGINGS/ American Apparel SHOES/ New Look

* Outfit shot was taken by Gabrielle McKay (edit done by me) / Runway photos were taken by me.


  1. Love it!

    I'm about to hunt for that jacket online!

    & I'm the same way I'm either over dressed or dressed to casual. I need to find a balance.

    1. Aw thank you! I love this jacket, the colour is one of my favourites for sure.

      And it's so hard to dress for something when you're sort of new going into it. It's almost like you need a preview of what everyone else is doing just to set the right tone for it. Its hard!

  2. I LOVE that jacket on you. Had the best time ever with my fashion partner in crime. (well and just general partner in crime- like you said, shenanigans).

    <3 laura

  3. i love everything about your outfit and your face looks stunning!!!

    You can check my latest outfit post here: