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Sunday, 18 August 2013

FIFTY/ distressed jeans

This outfit was a huge step outside of my comfort zone for so many reasons. For starters, I never wear blue jeans anymore. Other than these, I've only ever had one other pair that I was in love with but unfortunately those no longer fit. I also see jeans as way too casual and I never know what to pair them with. Unlike most people, I see the blue in the jeans as a legitimate colour and not a neutral, so I try to pair them with like colours. I usually get frustrated and give up and wear my trusty black skinny jeans or a pair of leggings instead. The other way in which this outfit is outside of my comfort zone is the fact that I'm not wearing a stitch of black. This is the first time in years that I haven't worn one piece of black clothing and I have to say, I didn't really miss it. I love how laid back and comfortable I felt in this look and I wouldn't be shocked if it becomes one of my regulars. I can bring it into the fall by adding a scarf and a jacket for warmth.

These jeans are flawless. I have yet to find a pair of pants as comfortable as these, and I wish I ordered like three other pairs. They're from Forever 21 so the quality isn't the greatest but these aren't jeans that I will be wearing very often. The dress code at my work is fairly lax but I wouldn't feel comfortable working in a pair of jeans as distressed as these. These jeans will be reserved for weekends, running errands and hang outs with friends, and I look forward to wearing the life out of them on my days off.

TOP/ Addition Elle JEANS/ Forever 21+ SHOES/ Minnetonka
ACCESSORIES/ Ardenes WATCH/ Michael Kors (via consignment)
BAG/ Marc by Marc Jacobs (via consignment)

* All pictures were taken by Sue Waugh.

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