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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

FORTY-SIX/ canada day

Seeing as I live in the nation's capital, Canada Day is a HUGE event here. If you're brave enough to venture downtown on July 1st, you'll notice how absolutely insane it is. The crowd is SO big, streets are closed off to traffic, they have fireworks at night and they set up a stage during the day on Parliament Hill and Canadian musicians perform throughout the day. Every single year I tell myself, and those around me, that this will be the year that I won't go downtown and partake in the madness, but every year I find myself right smack dab in the middle of it.

This year I went down to the hill with my best friends, Laura and Lisa, to see one of our favourite bands, Metric, perform. We've seen them over a dozen times but they just get more and more amazing with every show. We pushed through the crowd and made it as close as possible to the stage. When they eventually got on they only performed two songs (while we were there, anyway) but they did not disappoint. We left soon after and decided to go to one of my favourite restaurants, Lone Star, for some of their famous fajitas and margaritas. All it all it was a pretty low-key day.

People in Ottawa usually go all out with their outfits on Canada Day. Seeing women dressed in dresses made solely out of flags and men wear flags as capes is pretty much the norm, and downtown is pretty much a sea of red and white. Unfortunately I don't really own a ton of colour and I may have accidentally slipped a bit of blue into the outfit without realizing I warped my colour palette into an American one. Whoops! Wearing a white top with red lips, shoes and nail polish counts as being patriotic on Canada Day, right? If not, I apologize. Also, please excuse my less than glamorous Toms, they're one of the only red pieces I own.

TOP/ New Look VEST/ American Apparel (DIY from jacket) 
PURSE/ Marc by Marc Jacobs (via consignment) PANTS/ JCPenney

worlds most awkward selfie w/ my best friends | Parliament Hill | delicious margaritas 

* Fun Fact: I've worn, shown or mentioned every item I'm wearing, aside from my sunglasses, in different blog posts! Check out my vestpantspurseshoes and top.

* All pictures were taken by Laura Kidd.

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