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Sunday, 21 July 2013

FORTY-EIGHT/ instagram three

This summer has been too hot and humid for me to actually care what I look like. My outfits have lacked any imagination lately and I've been dressing in minimal clothing just so I don't sweat to death. My life has also been exceptionally boring as well but I'm making an honest effort to change that. I'm sick of doing the same things over and over again and I'm going to try to document at least some of the changes in my routine here on my blog as well as on my Tumblr. The weather has been letting up a little bit and I promise to do at least one outfit post later this week. Here's an Instagram update until then:

(More pictures can be found at @rosiexwaugh on Instagram)

RiRi Woo lipstick by MAC / "patiently" waiting for friends at Starbucks / new nail polishes
Magna Carta.... Holy Grail aka my latest obsession / finally saw M.I.A. live / at M.I.A. (photo c/o my friend Jessie)
 my new bookcase from Ikea / sushi feast for a friend's birthday / drinks (sangria, a shot of tequila and a lime margarita) in Montreal
random picture of my Blundstones while waiting for the bus  / Jessie Ware & City and Colour CDs / nails (done by Laura Kidd)

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