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Sunday, 2 June 2013

FORTY-THREE/ shameless

My Friday night started out in such a dramatic way and I was honestly afraid that it was going to set the tone for the entire night. To make a long story short, a full bottle of Tanqueray gin smashed in my bag containing the outfit that I was going to wear that night. Luckily we had some extra time so my best friend, Lisa, hand washed the outfit and threw it in the dryer. The only downfall was that my shoes did not dry in time and I had to wear the Toms I wore all day, which is a bit trashy but I had no other option. 

We were celebrating two of my friends birthday and I'm happy to report that the incident involving the bottle of gin was the most dramatic part of the evening. Everybody, especially the birthday boy and girl, had a fantastic time. We spent the rest of the night dancing to tacky 90's / early 2000's guilty pleasure songs at our usual bar, Babylon. The last Friday of every month they have a night called "Shameless" where they play artists like Sean Paul, Aqua and the Spice Girls. It's actually a ton of fun.

I kept my outfit simple by wearing a black cotton skater dress from Forever 21 and silver statement necklace. In all honesty, it was too hot to wear anything else. I was also wearing a pleather vest (not pictured) for the majority of the evening but it was just too hot by the end of the night for me to continue wearing it.

DRESS/ Forever 21 NECKLACE/ via Consignment ACCESORIES/ Various

outside of Babylon with Michael (birthday boy) / getting ready with Laura

* All pictures were taken by Laura Kidd and Jessie Larabie. 


  1. I adorrrree that necklace! Had so much fun with you. And that sub was a masterpiece <3

  2. You look beautiful. That dress and Necklace works so well together! x

  3. Sorry to hear about the gin but glad that was the only downside. you look great x

  4. well thank god for me to discover your blog as i am now your biggest fan, i love your style and outfits it's so nice to see other plus sized girls outfits to give me inspiration! ive started doing outfit posts again myself :)

    despite your downfall im sure you still looked AMAZING