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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

FORTY-FOUR/ pink moto jacket

Every time I wear this jacket my confident goes through the roof, I may never take it off. It is just the perfect shade of pink and I love the bright gold tone zippers. As of right now, this jacket is everything to me and it is definitely my favourite piece in my wardrobe right now. I love how lightweight it is, I love the moto style of it, I just love everything about it. Of course there's a bit of a back story behind it. I came across it by total dumb luck. I was killing time with some friends before a concert downtown and we decided to go to The Bay. We were roaming around and looking for nothing in particular when we came across this beauty. I pulled it off the rack, tried it on and fell head over heels. Then I looked at the price tag... originally $160, marked down to $110. Still a little steep for my budget. I sighed, and I returned it to its home on the rack.

The only problem was that I could not stop thinking about it. I gushed to everyone about this jacket, I showed everyone pictures, I just couldn't get it off my mind. A few days later, my boss told me about a sale The Bay was having. 20% off of already reduced items - not a huge amount off, but it was just the excuse I needed to buy the jacket. I made my way downtown, found the jacket and went to purchase it. I'm not sure how, but it rang up at $57 with the tax (even less than 20% off!). The price was a lot better than the $110 a few days before, and a hell of a lot better than the original $160. I guess somethings are just meant to be. 

JACKET/ Calvin Klein JEANS&TOP/ New Look PURSE/ Marc by Marc Jacobs (consignment)

* All pictures were taken by Jessie Larabie and myself.


  1. Oh wow you're jacket is fantastic- the gold zip is perfect with the pink :) it was definitely meant to be.
    Thank you for the kind comment - I think those shorts where like you're jacket as they were the only pair in store and I can't find them online at all x