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Sunday, 28 April 2013

FORTY/ the ottawa vintage show

Today was an awesome day, but I guess most days are when you're dressed in sequins. Today started with Laura and I joining a bunch of Ottawa area bloggers for brunch. It was fantastic to finally meet people in the city that have the same interests as we do. We made our introductions, ate our meals, chatted about fashion and whatever else and then eventually made our way to the Ottawa Vintage Show. We all went our separate ways to devour the show individually. There were so many vendors selling anything from designer accessories, to fur coats, to housewares. I'm not that big on vintage, but I was impressed just by the sheer number of items packed into that space. It was housed at the Convention Centre, which is right downtown and has a breathtaking view of the city. The show was in giant room and it looked as though it was a thrift shop style warehouse. This place seriously had EVERYTHING. It was insane. There were a lot of people too, which is amazing to see seeing as Ottawa is bit behind when it comes to anything fashion related. I didn't come out with much, like I said I'm not that big on vintage, and I'm on a pretty strict budget (saving for school, heeeeey!), but I did manage to find a pair of dark red Dr. Martens. It was a no brainer - I had to have them. My father upon seeing my newest purchase exclaimed, "if you buy another pair of shoes, we're going to have to buy a bigger house!" He was kiiiind of joking around, but it's a really really sick addiction for me. For example, this week alone I bought two different pairs of shoes. It's a serious problem and I'm sure most of you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you don't I truly truly envy you. Truly.

Here's a bit of information about what I wore to the show: This to die for vintage sequined jacket is probably the best Value Village find ever, and I almost didn't buy it. Even though it was only $12.99 and is covered in sequins, pink sequins at that. It doesn't exactly close but WHO CARES!? I love how it mixes both sequins and bead work, and the pink is just so bright. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to red and pink together (I can't stand it, it clashes and it makes my brain hurt. I know it's ridiculous but I used to have legitimate panic attacks when I saw pink and red together but I've gotten a lot better), so I was a bit discouraged when I noticed that both of those colours were featured on this jacket but I tried my best to forget about it. The red is hardly noticeable anyway, right? I matched the jacket with all black everything and gold accessories because that's pretty much my standard uniform. 

JACKET/ Thrifted TOP/ New Look SKIRT/ Lane Bryant 
WATCH/ Michael Kors CLUTCH/ Marc Jacobs ACCESSORIES/ Various

* All pictures were taken by either Michael Tundo, Laura Kidd or myself.


  1. wow, what a STUNNING outfit! Well done on the Docs...the secondhand ones are the best because they're already broken in a little bit. Plus, the older ones are better made!

  2. It was great to meet you Rosie, you really can't go wrong with pink sequins I agree! Hope you had fun at the vintage show, I will need to go for longer next time as I got overwhelmed by all the fabulosity!

  3. I feel your shoe pain- I can't seem to help myself either :(
    I have a bit if a fear of sequins but oh my that jacket is amazing!!!