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Friday, 1 February 2013

THIRTY/ harem pants

I spent the day with my two best friends and we did the most girly things imaginable, from getting our nails done, to shopping, to doing our eyebrows, and so on and so on. It was fantastic, sometimes you just need to treat yo self. (Tom Haverford would be pleased)

This is what I wore.

Although these are technically my second pair of printed harem pants, I still have a bit of a fear of them. I just feel like they have the potential to look very stylish but once false move and you look like you're trying to wear pyjama pants in public. When I saw these at Winners I knew that they had to come home with me. I bought them a size bigger than I usually take to give them a sort of oversized, slouchy, harem look to them but the legs are very long on and therefore they look odd in certain shoes. I'm still trying figure out the kinks, but they're more than worth it. They're bold, black/white (best colour combo) and super comfortable. The positives outweigh the negatives in this case. Paired with my new pointy deep purple / black nails makes me feel like a rockstar in the absolute best way. I wore the pants with a cropped black velvet top and a black tshirt. For accessories I wore a a gold spiked cuff and various rings, to sort of finish off that rockstar vibe. I do apologize about the black and white photos, the lighting in my room is horrendous and despite our best efforts, the colours were all messed up. I think the black and white adds a bit to my monochromatic outfit anyways, but I'm sorry nonetheless

VELVET JACKET/ Thifted (no label) TOP/ Forever 21+ PANTS/ Joules and Leonard

* All pictures were taken by Laura and Lisa Kidd.


  1. I love those pants! That print is awesome, and you look great.

  2. I think the pants look great- I don't think I would be as peace to wear them I know I would be a walking false move