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Monday, 11 February 2013

THIRTY-ONE/ ottawa fashion week

So last night I went to Ottawa Fashion Week with my best friend, Laura. It was kind of a spur of the moment, bought my ticket at the door, sort of evening and I'm really happy I went. The couple of shows we saw were phenomenal and we met some pretty awesome people. I wore my trusted crested Ralph Lauren blazer, my new favourite black skinny jeans, my makes-anything-look-glamorous faux fur stole, my favourite polka dot blouse, my awesome thrift store find box-bag and a ton of gold coloured accessories. I was trying to go for a classic look with funky and personal accents. I pulled the entire look together with my dark burgundy coloured lips. 

The Ottawa fashion scene is still small, but it is growing. It was fantastic to see a lot of people in my city come together to admire different fashions. Everyone looked great last night and I was exposed to a bunch of talented designers.

TOP/ Silhouettes BLAZER/ Ralph Lauren FAUX FUR STOLE/ H&M
 PANTS/ Suko BOOTS/ Dr. Martens PURSE/ Thrifted ACCESSORIES/ Various

Me with thefashionkidd

* All pictures were taken by Laura Kidd and Amoi Murphy