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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

TWENTY-EIGHT/ instagram

I have been so uninspired lately, it's ridiculous. I know it's a pretty lame excuse, but when it gets to -30°C, and sometimes even colder with the windchill, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of bed - let alone make yourself look fabulous. I'm convinced that this new found laziness is what sparked my interest in Instagram. I only got my iPhone a little over a month ago, so I am fairly new to it, but I have to admit that I am full blown addicted right now. It's a little embarrassing .. I really need to put my phone down and pick up my dSLR to snap some outfit pics. I can't help it right now, but I promise you that I will post at least one outfit post within the next week.

Here's a bit of what I've been up to the last month or so, as documented by my Instagram.

My past month, via Instagram.
(my username is rosiexwaugh if you wish to follow)

1. Saw Alexisonfire for the very last time / Christmas brunch spread / Thrfiting at Goodwill with my friend Michael

2. Cleaned out my closet /  Finally got a Brand New t-shirt / The wine I got for Christmas!

3. Obsessed with my new Ralph Lauren crested blazer / and my Ralph Lauren sheets / and my thrifted heart shaped purse

4. New (to me) Marc by Marc Jacobs purse from Rikochet Resale / Getting another tattoo / My second, and possibly the worlds smallest, tattoo

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