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Saturday, 5 January 2013


Maya Arulpragasam

My Style Icon Saturday posts are a reflection of who inspires me style-wise and the people who I choose all have something in common: they aren't afraid to break any moulds with their style and go against the grain with their fashions. I truly admire individual people, trendsetters if you will, who will do wear whatever they want and aren't afraid of what the critics will say. I think a great example of an artist who does this constantly is M.I.A.

I don't know what to say about her other than the fact that she constantly remains as individual as humanly possible, and that's something only a handful of people can say about themselves. She is absolutely fearless in everything she does, be it her music, her message or her fashion statements. M.I.A. is just a constant reminder to me that not only do unique people still exist, but they can and should be celebrated. This woman inspires me in so many ways.

source: nymag
source: eonline, refinery29, time, eonline, zimbio 

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