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Saturday, 15 December 2012



Need I say more?
This man fulfills every hair, lipstick and gothic fantasy I have ever had.
He is everything I want to be style-wise and more.

This is pretty embarrassing but sometimes when I get ready for an outing (be it work, shopping, a bar) I ask myself "what would Robert Smith do?". And then I just throw on whatever colour of lipstick that is suitable, tease my hair into a mess and then I'm good to go. He is forever one of my biggest inspirations, and I'm 100% serious. The majority of people think I'm joking around when I tell them about my undying love for this man, The Cure or his style. I think what really sells me on his aesthetics is his hair. It's no secret that I love big, teased, hairsprayed, messy locks and his hair is just perfection in my eyes.  Many of you are probably reading this and questioning my reasoning behind all of this, and that's fine.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

source: musicradar

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  1. I cannot disagree with you on this one! Robert Smith takes my breath away. I have the biggest soft spot for The Cure (Just Like Heaven is my FAVOURITE song). He is marvelous and I totally get you. The red lips; the teased hair. Need I say more.