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Saturday, 1 December 2012



I. Love. Gwen. Stefani.

I admired her style even before I could really appreciate what style meant. She was my first ever fashion icon and I believe that out of any celebrity, she has had the most influence on my personal style and relationship with fashion.  What I truly admire about her is that she will always be a rocker. Nothing will ever change that. She can be dressed to the nines for an award show, or a fashion show, but she will always have a little bit of a punk flare. Her personality will shine through her outfits, no matter what.

This woman taught me the importance of a couple of things. For starters, she taught me the importance of individuality. When I was first introduced to No Doubt, it was the early 2000's and the majority of the woman in any sort of popular music were preppy girls like Britney or Christina. Although I liked their music, I had nothing in common with these pop stars and I found it impossible to relate to them. Then came Gwen. She was fierce, fearless and edgy. When I first saw her she had pink hair and braces. I was completely memorized. After seeing the No Doubt video for Simple Kind Of Life, I knew I wanted a crazy colour of hair. Luckily, my mother was pretty lenient with that sort of thing and eventually let me dye my hair colours like fire engine red and purple. Ten years or so ago, she was crazy. Her style has become more defined through the years and she's become a lot more polished, but it's still her. That's a hurdle not a lot of people can pass through gracefully.

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Gwen has also taught me the importance of a bold pattern and a bold lip. These two things may sound silly, but they can grab attention in the classiest of ways. I can truthfully say that it is because of her that I am as obsessed with leopard print as I am. It is because of her that I went through a phase in high school of wearing only hounds tooth flood pants. It is because of her that I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of red plaid skinny pants for what seems like forever now. I owe a lot of who I am, style wise anyway, to this woman. I'm really not sure who I would be without her. This post is basically just me gushing about Gwen Stefani, and you know what? I really don't care. Everyone has the one person they look up to style-wise and she's 100% it for me. When I think about her style and how it's influenced mine, my mind immediately goes to the No Doubt video for Sunday Morning. Her leopard print shirt, black top and red lip combo is definitely something I could see myself wearing.

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Both of her fashion lines have stolen my heart as well. I'm not usually one for celebrity lines but I absolutely love both L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers. I own pieces from both brands and I can honestly say that I rock them with confidence. It's kind of embarrassing but I may have a little bit of a bias when it comes to them, if I see that an item is from one of those two brands, I'm more likely to buy it. I think the problem with a lot of celebrity brands is that it doesn't really represent what they would wear, it's just somebody else's work and style ideas with their face and name plastered all over the advertisement. I believe that both of Gwen's lines, especially L.A.M.B., are an exception to that general rule and are a great representation of her own personal style.

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* Please note that I will be out of town, therefore away from my computer, from December 1st until December 8th. There won't be any posts between those two dates and this includes next weeks Style Icon Saturday as well as outfit posts. Sorry for any inconvenience, I will resume posting as soon as I'm back home.


  1. I lover her in that leopard print dress,obsessed! :) xxx

  2. I love Gwen Stefani and her style. The Just a Girl and Don't Speak videos made me desperate for a bindi. A couple years ago I saw No Doubt in concert and they all came out in these crazy tube sock/marching band/tutu outfits. It was AMAZING.

    She has been around for ever stage of my life so far and I feel like she's just been right there growing up with me.

  3. thank you for the kind comment- i LLOVE gwen!
    I too was a massive fan in 2000 and equally was propably the only fan i knew. I just love everything about her