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Sunday, 18 November 2012

TWENTY-ONE/ birthday wishlist

Christmas is a huge deal at my house.  I'm sure my mother likes to think of herself as Mrs. Claus and when I say she goes all out, you have to believe me. Today is November 18th and we currently have not one but two Christmas trees up and fully decorated - and it doesn't stop there, we have another tree and more decorations to be put up. But, before Christmas comes the real holiday, my birthday! (December 16th, mark your calenders!!)

I've decided to compile a bit of a fantasy wish-list for both occasions. I say fantasy because all I truly want from my parents is a bit of money to go towards tuition for when I (hopefully) start college (again) in September, and for the rest of the people I'm close with to be happy and healthy. I know, lame right? I'm usually a lot more materialistic than this. Well, I guess this is growing up.

What are some items on your holiday wish lists? Or are you like me and have absolutely no idea? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what are some items you're dying to get your hands on within the next couple of months?