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Thursday, 12 July 2012

TWELVE/ music fesitval dos and donts

So, what to wear (and what not to wear) at outdoor concerts / music festivals.
I've seen so many blog posts and magazine articles about this sort of thing floating around lately and I just want to put my spin on all of this.
To be quite honest with you, the majority of what I've seen on this has annoyed the hell out of me. It seems as though the people writing them have never been to a music festival in their life. I'm kind of a veteran at these things, I've been to outdoor concerts ranging from jazz festivals to punk shows and just about everything in between. The best advice that I can give to you is that you HAVE to be comfortable. If you're not comfortable you're going to be miserable during the entire experience, I can promise you this. 
Footwear is probably the most important. It all depends on the venue, but I can guarantee that if you go to a high energy concert or a couple days long festival your shoes will be dirty, disgusting and probably ruined. I would wear something like a Van or a Dr. Martens in this scenario, or even a rainboot, depending on the weather. I've seen people, I kid you not, wear five inch heels, in a park that was covered in both rock and mud. Since your shoes will probably be destroyed by the end of the weekend I'd go for comfort over fashion.
For clothing I'd recommend something you can easily dance in. Shorts, midi skirts, jeans, tank tops, t shirts, ect... I've been obsessed with the maxi trend right now but I probably wouldn't wear a maxi skirt or dress to an outdoor concert since the bottom can get ruined or stepped on. Layers are also great for all-day events so if you're too hot in the afternoon you can peel back a couple of layers, but it'll probably get chillier as the night goes on so you can throw a layer or two back on.
Bags/purses are very very important as well. This is something that is usually overlooked. There is nothing in this world that is more annoying than when you're trying to dance to your favourite band and the girl beside you has this ridiculously huge shoulder bag that keeps smacking you in the shoulder. Just don't bring shoulder bags. Small cross-body bags or satchels are great, they stay out of everybody's way for the most part and they keep your hands free. If you plan on bringing a lot of things (ex. camera equipment, sunscreen, towels, ect) a backpack is the way to go. I know backpacks can be kind of frumpy and well... ugly, but there are tons of great styles and patterns out this summer! Spring and Aldo both have amazing selections in stores now.
I hope this post was helpful! I've posted a few clothing / bag / shoes ideas for inspiration. Hope you're all having amazing summers and that whichever concerts or festivals you're attending live up to your expectations! I'm currently counting down the days to Osheaga. (A 3 day music festival in Montreal)

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  1. Thank you! Some of the festival wear guides I see make me laugh - play suits and stilettos? Really? Try navigating having a wee in a portaloo after five pints...