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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

EIGHT/ denim cutoffs

I am one of the luckiest people alive.
I'm constantly surrounded by such amazing and inspiring people, I don't even know where to start... My friends and family have been so supportive and helpful when it comes to this blog. Many of them have taken pictures, showed their own families and friends, driven me to different locations to shoot and even helped style some of these outfits. I could not be more grateful for everything these people are doing for me and I'm overwhelmed by the response I'm getting about this blog. All of the likes, replies, comments, reblogs, follows, tweets and asks... it's all so amazing. So I would like to thank you all for everything, truly.
On Monday my friends and I decided to just dick around this vast open area in South Keys. Although it is still extremely cold in Ottawa, Monday was like a preview into what summer would be like for me. It was just so careless and limitless. That area, Conroy Pit, is of course where we took the outfit pictures as well.
I feel as though the outfit in this post is something I will be wearing a lot of this summer as well. I have to admit: I am in love with cut offs. I only have two pairs at the moment, but they are probably my two favourite pieces of clothing I own. They're just so effortless and look amazing paired with tights. I also love the complete control you have while making them. I feel as though shorts, especially for bigger ladies, are either way too long or incredibly short. When you make your own, you can decide the length and you can also add your own one of a kind touches like studs or lace. This crop top is a great lightweight material and is a great way to keep cool during the summer heat.

SHORTS/ F21 (diy cut offs) TOP/ Addition Elle WATCH/ Michael Kors TIGHTS/ Addition Elle
NECKLACE/ Borrowed from Lisa BOOTS/ Dr. Martens (thrifted)

All pictures were taken by Michael Tundo.

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  1. You have no idea how much I am in love with your style! Absolutely flawless xxx