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Monday, 2 April 2012

THREE/ yellow coat

The header of my blog says "Secondhand Rose" and in my first post I stated that all I wear is allblackeverything. My posts must be soo misleading because so far they are just of me wearing colourful clothes from mall stores. I swear I'm not a liar, I've just been finding such awesome deals at the mall lately that I can't pass up! I found this yellow coat on the clearance rack at Old Navy for $12 marked down from $80 - tell me who in the right mind wouldn't snatch that up?

All of these bright colours are also getting me so excited for summer. I can't wait for margaritas on patios, late nights and music festivals. One of the only things I'm more passionate about than fashion is music (specifically live music). The lineup for Osheaga was released about two weeks ago and I have to say - I'm in LOVE. I can't wait to see The Black Keys, Bloc Party, Brand New, Feist, Florence + The Machine and tons of other artists. This summer I will also be seeing Radiohead live in Toronto, which is seriously a dream come true for me. With saying that, I really need to start shopping for summer - I need more shorts, skirts and short sleeved tops. I've been on a blouse buying binge lately but I need to find appropriate clothes for 30+ weather. 

Maybe I'll do a wish-list post soon? I'm currently drooling over everything that Forever 21 (what else is new) and New Look have in stock! 

SHOES/ Aldo PURSE/ H&M SCARF/ American Apparel COAT/ Old Navy JEANS/ American Eagle 

All photos were taken by Lisa Kidd.


  1. That yellow is EXCELLENT.

    And I contradict myself constantly when trying to describe my personal style, so you're not alone there.

  2. Shhhh you're posts are great! And font worry about buying desks from the high street. I love charity shops but it's not the only place I shop.
    Love your jeans- they fit you amazingly well

  3. Wow taht coat was a major bargain! Love it! those shoes are really cute too! You look lovely! x

  4. Adore your coat and shoes, you look beautiful.