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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

SIX/ allblackeverything

Everybody has a go-to outfit. It's that look you throw together when you just can't find something flattering or interesting enough to wear, and it's made up of your absolute favourite pieces. It's that outfit that you know will always look good. 

This is mine.

I am completely obsessed with this black dress. I bought this dress years ago from mark. by Avon. I love how effortless it is! It has a stretchy material to it and the lace adds a bit of a romantic touch. My favourite part is that you can totally dress it up or down. In this look I decided to dress it up a bit by adding a fascinator, a watch and a blazer to the look. These are the shoes that I wear most of the time; they're in awful condition and weren't necessarily that nice looking to begin with but they're SO comfortable. My feet are very cut up right now from breaking in a couple pairs of new shoes and these are the only shoes I can legitimately walk in right now.

The blazer is also one of my favourite pieces. Although it is originally from Walmart, I spruced it up a bit by adding a bronze button that I found off another jacket from Value Village. The button itself is an amazing find, I love the little Union Jack on it!

And of course, no look is complete without lipstick. I feel naked without it!

This is definitely a look that I wear more than I should. What does your go-to look consist of?

DRESS/ mark. WATCH/ DKNY BLAZER/ Walmart (I changed the button) LEGGINGS/ American Apparel ACCESSORIES/ F21 + gifted FASCINATOR/ Gifted CLUTCH/ My mom's closet SHOES/ Gifted

All pictures were taken by Laura and Lisa Kidd.


  1. Looks good- making me think what my go to outfit us now

  2. It totally works!! I've been wanting to try a fascinator, to femme up this pixie cut a little bit more. That one is fab.